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We have a major version number! Difficulty is in a good spot now.

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  • Bronze increases its eco slightly faster over distance
  • Sub Commanders will once again spawn wherever they want
  • All difficulties are slower to increase the number of armies
  • Minor increases to the starting eco of Gold and Platinum
  • Remove delay for Bronze building from factories
  • Platinum and Uber always start with at least two armies
  • Reduced the eco bonus bosses receive
  • All bosses use shared armies and attempt to spawn on multiple planets
  • Foundation now has multiple starting planets in its boss system
  • Bosses hide their personality
  • Bosses scale their armies according to the size of the galaxy
  • Corrected lowest threat rating being too low on the scale to ever register
  • Improved accuracy of threat ratings
  • Silver less effective at using higher levels of eco
  • Bronze expands slower
  • Added tooltip to explain the difficulty options
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