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My third indie game, Masked Vale, will be releasing on steam soon.

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Gameplay of Fei


Masked Vale is a fast paced action game where you start out with nothing and acquire power and gold as you go.

Levels have different game modes and objectives, making each play through unique.

As you fight on, the areas change and new enemies, traps, items, and game modes are introduced.

When you die the game is over and you start from square one. However the starting level and subsequent levels will be random.

Leveling takes time, so investing in the right perk and trying different perks can make or break your success.

Unlock characters as you beat consecutive levels. Unlocked characters have completely different perks and play-styles, adding for a lot of replay value and variety.

Fumiko Gameplay


-5 Playable Characters. 4 Must Be Unlocked.
-Each Character has Unique Perks. Test out different Builds and Classes.
-All Characters apply Unique Conditions. Set foes on Fire, make them Bleed, Chill them, Daze them, and Bind them.
-Random Item Spawns. Every item location produces a random item, rare items appearing less often.
-Random Levels. Every play-through is different.
-Random Game Modes. Adapt to new challenges on the fly.
-The game gets harder every 5 Levels Completed. Venture into dangerous New Areas.
-Perma-Death. Begin, Die, Repeat.
-The more Levels you beat in a row, the more Characters you Unlock.
-Wall Climbing, Wall Jumping, Platforming, Traps. Enemies are hurt by traps, turn them into an ally.
-Combo enemies using Neutral, Moving, and Sprint Attacks. Master your character.
-Use Powerful Attack Skills and Magic. Magic costs a lot of mana, use it wisely.
-Healing is skill based, carefully time heals. Surviving is not easy.
-Manage Stamina and Mana well or exhaust yourself and die.
-Experience the joy of starting over, every time you die. Roguelite is alright!

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