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The Battle for Wesnoth has recently released a new stable version, 1.6. The project is still under very active development, and this new stable branch is only one more step towards improving the game. Enclosed is a list of all of the major changes that have been made in the 1.6 version. I encourage anyone who has not done so to update their version to 1.6. Enjoy!

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With the release of a new version of Battle for Wesnoth, there are a variety of changes. I have included the most major changes below.


  • A new mainline campaign, The Legend of Wesmere, was added after a few months of refinement and polishing at the Wesnoth-UMC-Dev project.
  • The carryover system for mainline campaigns has been changed from 80% to 40%, but it is now added to the minimum starting gold, instead of replacing that gold if it was higher.
  • Many mainline campaigns have improved storyline prose and new cutscenes or epilogs. Several have improved and redrawn campaign maps. All now have dates in the Wesnoth history timeline, and almost all have journey animations on their campaign maps. The history and geography of Wesnoth have been developed in more depth and detail: More campaigns now include references to events in the overall history, adding depth and richness to the narration.


  • All usernames can now be registered by registering on the forums, allowing players to make sure that they are the only ones using that name. If they so wish, users may still use unregistered usernames though.
  • The lobby has been improved to allow double-clicking on the player list to manage friends and ignores.
  • There have also been some minor changes to unit balance, which can be found in the changelog.


  • All of the character portraits now use a new format with a transparent message window and make use of the new images drawn by our artists, taking Wesnoth's portrait art to the next level.
  • There is a new basic terrain type, coastal reef, which gives most land-based units slightly higher defense than in regular shallow water, and 70% defense to most water-based units such as mermen and nagas. Forests get more variety with graphics for spring/summer, fall and winter deciduous forest terrains. There are new village graphics for human cities and primitive tribal areas.
  • Our composers have added five new original background tracks: Heroes' Rite, Siege of Laurelmor, Suspense, The Dangerous Symphony and The Deep Path. Also, the game now plays special music clips for victory and defeat events.
  • The add-ons server has been refined to make searching for an add-on easier, as it now has a filter function and each add-on is defined by a type.

Thanks Turuk! You just made my life a little easier. ;)

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