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Pre-launch article. Next week Breaking Newton will be released on Steam.

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The day of final launch is near.

Next week Breaking Newton will be available on Steam. Wishlist: Store.steampowered.com

The platformer inspired by N+ (short stages and fixed camera), Super Meat Boy and Trials (quick respawn, quick restart, hundreds of attemps), changes the jumps for a mechanic in which you can change the gravity in any moment.

The control has been tested during months to give players an accurate tool to show their skills and fly in the stages. Due to the feedback, the game includes 2 system of control to change the gravity: 1 button mode and 2 button mode (1 button for gravity inverse and 1 for return to normal). This second system is which developer consider the most appropiate to beat the most difficult stages.

The main mode has 100 stages divided in 8 worlds.

There is an internal system of achievement and a Steam achievements.

The game has collectibles too. In some stages you will find some object to take, not necessary to complete the stage, that will unlock special stages. All unlockeables in Breaking Newton are playable. That special stages change the rules of game, even there are 2 special tribute to a famous games as Pong and Slender.


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