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New release for Generals Alpha to finally update the mod to a bit newer, still 2 years outdated engine version and add a few more stuff.

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Hello everyone. It has been a while since i did much work on Generals Alpha. It was mostly complete and still playable but stuck on a really old engine version. Also the content of the latest installer version of Generals Alpha was rather behind the latest development version, but i was unable to create new installers due to a bug with installer creation. I have tried an engine update in the past, but that had not fixed the installer issues. I did another engine update recently, with the old way of creating installers not working, i decided to use a Linux VM to manually build the new version myself this time. So finally, i have a new version out.

While i used today's date for the version number, the mod is still on an engine version based on release-20191117 of OpenRA. So it is still lacking a good chunk of stuff, but less so than it used to. I also added a few other stuff while doing the update, like fixing Veterancy Icon Overlays, so you can see if you are getting a unit as veteran due to General specific bonuses or General's Powers. Added a lobby option that enables production of fences and walls. Added the Bunker Busters upgrade (since GenAlpha doesn't have Garrison, it only effects Bunker, Tunnel Network and Firebases tho) and finally added an icon for the Toxin General. There are a few other changes that was done since the last installer release, but i don't have a list of those.

You can download the new version from the links below:


Windows (x86|x64) - Linux - MacOS X


I hope you manage to update more frequently this mod. It has strong potential, IMHO.

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Just tried out this mod on an Ubuntu Linux pc and OMG!! it's absolutely amazing! There's EVERYTHING from the nostalgia feeling of Generals and I kinda dig the pixel-art style of the game.
Really great stuff! It adds so much to the core OpenRa engine

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