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The released version (0.91) is an experimental version with some noob mistakes and lazy hacks to get a working product. The full version will probably release during the summer of 2020.

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The first release (v0.91) is the product of two weeks tinkering around with the module system. While it is a working product, I still consider it unfinished due to a lack of features whose list will be provided down in this post. Currently v0.91 contains the following features:

+Gaining glory after plundering or saving villages,destroying bandit lairs, winning tournaments or taking fortresses.

+Losing glory after being captured, failing to save villages or surrendering a battle. Glory is also lost over time.

+Once reaching a certain amount of glory(200), your glory will not go lower than that value.

+Player can pay bards to sing of his glory to gain renown once per game.

+Player can receive bribes from other lords (with 'bad' reputation)trying to curry his favor. This is rare. The items are very expensive and consist of books or valuable goods(velvet, tools, spice, etc); the player will also get a considerable relation gain with the gifting lord as well a loss of honor. If the player declines the bribe, he will gain a small relation boost with all lords with a 'good' reputation and some honor.

+Players with very high glory will receive comments from other lords warning him of his greed or commending his initiative(depending on reputation and current relation). They will either receive considerable relation gains or losses depending on the lord.

+If player has very high glory he may be indicted.

+If player has considerable glory, other lords may deny their daughter/sister's hand in marriage, stating the dangerous nature of the players position in the kingdom.

NOTE: some of these features only affect players if they are vassals of a king.

These were additions made as a first attempt at working with the module system, some of them are implemented in a very noobish way and can/will be corrected in due time.

Here is the list of features missing from the full version:

+Modmerger compatibility for easy merging with other mods.

+Cleaner code for the newer functions

+Debugging/cheating tools

+A more robust bribes system(for gaining support on claiming fortresses, a stronger military initiative based on favors).

+Marches/Triumphs to celebrate the players victories and gain relations with towns.

+More diplomatic interactions revolving around glory and winning battles.

+Have travelers spread word of players deeds for more right to rule and renown.

+Viking Conquest specific changes(have rumors of player slaying mythical beasts and the like).

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