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This contains the current news update of the modification and the release date of the mod and a bunch of tests to it. Hopefully, it will be released after the test and the test will be VERY quick. Thank you for reading!

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Hey everybody! :D

It's RattleZ. I'm happy to announce that the upcoming Modification: First Encounter Assault Recon will be released after I finish testing it at Single Player, Multiplayer and Co-operative Mode. I will give the results after the test and hopefully you guys might enjoy the Mod.

By the way, I didn't make this Mod. Mawd / [L4D] Mod made it. So give him cookies & credits! :D

Also, I edited a few maps and added a bunch of new entities like Env_Room, Env_Light, etc. to the maps to make it a bit more realistic. The more realistic, the more fun the Mod is!

The Training is also edited by me, just a little. I removed the Block that is blocking the Box that you are suppose to destroy with a Grenade. I made it easier for you :)

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