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Check out Segatakai's Release Date and Release Event info!

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So... it might be a bit sudden but...

Segatakai will be released June 10th (Windows - Mac Version will come out during next week or so!). Yup, that's right, three days from now (well, two since it's past midnight here). It will be available here for free at midnight (from the 9th to the 10th) right after we're done with our release event!

And what about this release event? We're sure there won't be many people showing up, since we just added this game to IndieDB about 4 or 5 days ago and we haven't done much pubbing, but we're doing it mainly for fun. We got together with some friends and they'll be playing the game on LiveStream with us, the developers, watching for about 2 hours before release!

We start Sunday, June 9th, at 10pm (GMT+1) and you can catch the stream here: twitch.tv/dawnclover and here: twitch.tv/dapr00f. As soon the clock ticks midnight the game will be uploaded and you'll be able to get it here on IndieDB, on Desura and on our Official Website.

Also, have you seen our Pre-Release Trailer? You can catch it right here!

Thank you again to all the new followers! We hope you enjoy this short game.

Fábio Guedes,
Negative² Games

ENP - - 124 comments

Looking forward to it!

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FábioGuedes Author
FábioGuedes - - 58 comments

Thank you for the support! :)

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othmantayach - - 15 comments

hey can see slender i havent had any encounters with him i only see statics i only saw him when he caught with a terrible jumpscare with avery wmipy hands and he wasnt very scary though

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othmantayach - - 15 comments

ohok i found after today he was pretty damn scary i suggest you make him show more often because there no way ofi finding him unless if you start waiting for a long time orif you keep rechaging your lantern for too long also a such
cool environment should definitly have some of secrets or mystery in it like perphaps the stories of the japanese victims of slender like or an epic legend of japanese who saw slender man in the ancient times and tried to perform a rituals it doesnt have something extreme awesome but just creative and clever

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