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I prematurely announced the new release date of Irritum. New date is September 6, 2013. Read on to find out why the game is postponed, and why it isn't necessarily a bad thing.

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Sorry, everyone. I previously announced the release date for Irritum being August 16. Today I am pushing that back to September 6. This is a good thing though, for both you and me.

The reason why it is good for you, is that you will have a better experience. The game will be more polished, have more content, and be more balanced so it will be more enjoyable. You will have a better experience after just waiting a few weeks longer.

Why is it good for me? Well I don't want to say anything official yet, but I have been offered an extremely convincing offer that will help the game become a success. In order for the offer to be more accessible, I had to push back release by a few weeks.

Funny story: The same day I posted the announcement for the release date, I was contacted with this offer. Funny how those things work out like that.

I still plan to do giveaways and everything, but just a little later on.

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