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Release date is finally revealed. It´s going to be a long mod

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Hey folks!

We have made nearly all the repairs to the mod so that it can be released at last. Although the mod will be released at first as a open beta v0.9(you can play it all the way through though), just so, that we can see what you guys think of it and we can make more fixes for the future versions. Make sure that you have Amnesia 1.2 patch installed!

We have had a quiet time for the last couple of months because we were busy in our personal lives. We are releasing this mod 30th of july because we didn´t have as much time as we´d liked to have to make this a full and complete mod(lots of stuff that we wanted to add was not added incl. music in some cases, some pics etc.). So this mod is quite not going to be as we had wanted it to be. We can hope that, we will make this a much more better mod in the future(hopefully with your help).

Another reason why we are releasing this as a open beta is that as I said we didn´t have enough time to close beta test this with couple of our friends(were willing though).

That been said, the mod is very long and our advice to anyone who plays it: prepare for lots of wandering around the castle(there is many many keys). There is so much wandering and exploring because we are friends of the Resident Evil series especially the first one, that we wanted to make this a long journey and not some quick 10 min fast play mod. It maybe hard to follow the story, but I can say that in a nutshell the story is that YOU have to rescue your brother from the castle. There is also two different endings: GOOD and BAD and with your action YOU decide the fate of Alfred.

We sincerely hope, that you guys don´t punish us too hard for the grammar(it´s not poor but not as good as some of you would want). In advance for our defence we can say that we asked for your help in the grammar, only that no one contacted us(ok it was for the ModDb members only, but that would have been easier to manage than open for anyone type of thing. Help is always welcome)

We admit and we are sorry that making of this mod has taken WAY TOO MUCH time, and I know how bad some of you wanted this to be released ages ago.

If you can be patient and wait till the end of july your wait is finally over.
Please visit in our official Facebook page:

Have frightening moments inside the castle of Wennelmann.

- Beis


looking forward to it! :)
I have some similar ideas with a mod I plan to do like the actions decide the ending and stuff like that.

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Beis Author

Good luck with your mod:D

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