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This is it - the game is in the hands of the testers for one last round, and I'm strapping a rocket to this Elephant: the release date for Patent Blaster is Wednesday, March 13. Yeah, that's in three days.

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That's the date the demo will turn up on patent-blaster.com. The full version will be available via BMT Micro and hopefully Desura.

Until then, I'll be doing my best to make sure the game runs smoothly on Mac, Linux and Windows, and preparing for the launch - readying the website, quadruple-testing the payment system and demo downloads. I've also been writing a few more features on the different kinds of weapons in the game, and on some details like hovering and the target reticle that I'm particularly pleased with. These will be posted in the following days.

For now, I'm going to head back into prep mode.

And do remember:
Hover-Elephant Hover-Elephant covets your organs.


Add random facts in the game like:

" Did you know that in Australia, a company PATENTED a natural ocurring gene? That means that ANYONE who is born with the gene, is infringing the patent and should...remove the gene...aka die! - legally speaking - "

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Zarkonnen Author

Hmm. I like that. I'll have to go hunting for other facts like that.

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My ideea is patented and I should get royalties from every game you sell that includes my ideea. 1% from total sales!

Patents these days... :)

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Zarkonnen Author

*catches fire* :)

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