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Redacted: Hired Gun is a free shooter game. This is an update on progress in the beta that is now in standalone.

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Hey gang!

I must admit that I'm a little excited about this. Simply because A) it looks very statisfying to me and B ) the terrible horrors that have been reported to me have not occured.

The first beta is now out as a built game and Bugsy already had time to play it. There are, of course, plenty of things in it that don't work at all but all of those are things I can repair. The game itself has saved as standalone without any errors! No black textures, missing sounds, runtime errors. Nothing. This is such a good sign to me!
With gameplay that i have set up wrong and the AI being unresponsive, I still have quite some fixing to do before I can finally post that download button.
But at least I should be able to share a video soon.

The framerates are quite good and the game is very scale able without losing much definition. Not to be compared to something like UE4 but I think that it is now very possible to craft a good looking game in GG and have it run on lower specs.

While it still has glaring faults, there is a lot more right with this than I expected from the first standalone built.

I have also added external anti aliasing and post processing! Take a look:

Thanks for visiting!

Serygala Author

External postprocessing by Marty McFly @ reshade.me. Check out their website, its quite cool and its free.

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This game looks REALLY good, and the RESHADE system definitely gives it a boost over standard GG shaders. Please sign me up when the beta is available, very nice work!!

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