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A new version with a lot of improvements are now available. The new build 1326 is necessary to connect to the test Server.

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A new version of Red Flag! is now available. A lot of fixes and improvement has been made in the game to improve the overall experience.

Please update your clients to the Build 1326, the old version is now out of date and the server will disconnect anyone that try to enter with that version.

Thanks to all the testers!

Here is the Change-Log :

  • Added 2.0 secs. of immortality on respawns.
  • Fixed possibility of flash blind effect stuck on the screen.
  • All maps receive some small improves.
  • Some minor updates to the interface.
  • Fixed a graphic bug when you use the command Reconnect.
  • Fixed invisible FX of capture status on Flags. ( Domination )
  • Fixed the possibility of Teammates making explode mines planted by the same team.
  • Fixed information of Win or Lose when a match ended in TDM or DOM mode.
  • Fixed a possibility of desync of weapons in use if a player select a custom slot to close to the respawn.
  • Fixed information of angle from where a player hit you.
  • Fixed possibility of desync of quantity of bullets on a weapon in some reload situations.
  • Vote system reworked and improved.
  • Improved respawn system.
  • Fixed console command "name" and "clantag".
  • Fixed possibility of creation of cloned players when you enter to a server at the same time with more people.
  • Improved Client and Server code in general. ( A lot of fixes and improvements )

You can download the patch file from here :

Red Flag! Patch 1319 to 1326

Red Flag! Maps - Gameplay1 Red Flag! Maps - Gameplay2
Red Flag! - Gameplay 1

PetrenkaPie - - 1,040 comments

Nice, mining will be even more efficient now. *Evil Laugh*

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Ascii1457 Author
Ascii1457 - - 1,185 comments

Yep, but the "2.0 sec. of immortality on respawns" is a anti-mining feature. :P

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