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Racing Apex has been Greenlit on Steam, songs from the soundtrack have been released,a new trailer is available and suggest some racing cars!

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Racing Apex has been Greenlit on Steam!


Thanks to all who have voted for Racing Apex on Steam, if you haven't already done so, please check out our Kickstarter and support Racing Apex if you can.

New Trailer

A new short trailer has been released for those new to Racing Apex.

Racing Apex OST

You can now listen to and purchase some of the tracks from the OST. Waterflame has produced ten great tracks for Racing Apex. You can listen to them here: Waterflame Racing Apex OST YouTube Channel

Waterflame Racing Apex OST - Autogrinder

Jason from Heine House Entertainment is also creating some thumping racing tunes for the OST, check them out here: Heinehouseentertainment.com

Heine House Entertainment Racing Apex OST - Lets Go!

Cars of Racing Apex - What car would you like to see!

We'll be asking for suggestions on any cars you would like to see in the low poly Racing Apex world. So if you have a favorite road, race or rally car, please let us know in the comments on IndieDB, Steam page, Twitter or Facebook.

Here are some of the current racers - all vertex colored, no textures are used in Racing Apex.






For the latest updates please check out Racing Apex on Twitter or Facebook.

Jason_King_of_Salt - - 2,364 comments

The Age of Polygons is Back Baby!

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Nergal01 - - 1,608 comments

You guys accept car request? Then how about these:
-Corvette C2/C3
-Vector M12 or Vector M8
-Peugeot 405 T16 (not sure how it'll look like outside its rally configuration however)
-Lancia Stratos (the infamous Stratos Turbo Gr5 can be used as Pro Race configuration: Lchr.org)
-Dome Zero (Drift Stage has it AFAIK)
-1st/2nd gen. Mitsubishi Eclipse as throwback to Ridge Racer (with different body kits that resembles the Fiera from RR7)
-Lamborghini Egoista (or probably other design that resembles a sinister-looking jetcar) as the final/secret boss car?
-BMW M1 along with its Procar configuration
-4th gen. Ford Mustang, especially the SVT Cobra R
-Lastly, the Bugatti EB110

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Nergal01 - - 1,608 comments

Also Lamborghini Diablo (with proper mods that replaces the pop up headlight with conventional one as in Diablo VT and vice versa) and Cizeta Moroder V16T: En.wikipedia.org

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luckymountain Author
luckymountain - - 28 comments

Great suggestions! They will all be added to the list!
-We have in game a Corvette C3 with the L88 and 'Greenwood' Le Mans body styles.
-We've also got a Stratos with the Gr5 as the 'Pro Race' version. (We've also got a Stratos Zero.)
-The 405 T16 could work as the 'Rally' conversion of a BTCC 405.

A low poly take on the Ridge Racer Eclipse would be a great nod to the Ridge Racer series.

Any more suggestions - please fire away!

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Nergal01 - - 1,608 comments

Thanks! Good to see the Stratos already gotten plenty of love here.

Speaking of, how many cars each character will have? So far it seems each character has 4 choice of vehicles. Although personally, I'd like to see each character having one more vehicle as the "ultimate"/unlockable vehicle would be nice.
, here's my suggestion list based from vehicle's country of origin:
USA: Dodge Ram SRT-10 (see below), 1932 Ford Coupe hotrod
Japan: Lexus LF-A, Mazda Furai (or R390 GT1 but looks like we already have GT-One so I afraid it might be redundant)
UK: TVR Cerbera Speed 12
Italy: Ferrari 512BB or Testarossa (bonus point if you can put in Outrun reference here)
Germany: Porsche 550, BMW M12 (aka Italdesign Nazca C2)
Other: W Motors Lykan Hypersport, Kamaz Dakar truck (see below), Marussia B2

Also, does SUV/trucks may be included as well? If yes I'd like to see Dodge Ram SRT-10 (with race bodykit that resembles Danver HJ6000 or whatever it's called from Ridge Racer 7) and Kamaz 4326 Dakar truck as a bonus/boss vehicle.

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luckymountain Author
luckymountain - - 28 comments

We're planning on continually adding cars to the characters where they would be a good fit, so your suggestions are a great help!

SUV/Trucks and Pickups will definitely feature in Racing Apex, so vehicles like the Ram SRT-10 and GMC Cyclone will be available. Pikes Peak, Nascar Truck, Dakar and Top Fuel/Dragster are some of the sources of inspiration for SUV/Truck types.

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Nergal01 - - 1,608 comments

I'm also wondering whether you guys will create a completely custom/fictional designs. Like something in line of final tier RR4 cars (and hidden cars...400km/h+ tank anyone?) and those outrageous jetcar (i.e Angelus) designs in RR7.

Speaking of real-life jetcar, how about Bloodhound SSC: Bloodhoundssc.com and its predecessor Thrust SSC?

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luckymountain Author
luckymountain - - 28 comments

Custom designs are something we looked at as unlockables or bonus cars. They would be a bit more down to earth than some of the RR7 cars though! ;)

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Nergal01 - - 1,608 comments

Here's another suggestion from me; '90s concept cars like Ford GT90, Ford Indigo, Italdesign Cala & Nazca, Jaguar XJ220 and Jaguar XJR-15
(yes, all those concepts/supercars from classic NFS :P)

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luckymountain Author
luckymountain - - 28 comments

Those concepts will go great with the 60s/70s concepts we have (Ferrari Modulo, Stratos Zero and Alfa Romeo Carabo). :D

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