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Quick Update on Development: I am still actively developing this mod in my free time, but as I am starting my PhD program and working as a psychology researcher, the updates will come less and less frequently.

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Hey there everyone,

I just wanted to post a quick update on the development of this mod, as I know that I disappeared without much sign of life. This mod is really more of a hobby for me than anything else, so while I was planning on developing it further over last summer, I was given an opportunity to start working as a paid psychology researcher. I took this opportunity and it went really well (last week I got to present the results of my research on the bilingual advantages in math learning among children ages 7 to 11 at a conference) which is pretty big for me as I will be starting my PhD program over the next year so getting my name out there as soon as I can is really good. The downside is, as I start to advance in my career and take up more responsibilities as a psychologist, I will have less time to work on MIeG.

So what this means for the mod? Well let me start by saying it's not dead. I still love Mount & Blade, I still go back to playing Warband from time to time and all the different mods I enjoy including MIeG, and yes I still develop it. From time to time I go back to revisit one of the troop trees I published or rebalance and expand on the original one, sometimes I even try to fix as many bugs as I can. That said though, you will have to be patient with updates as I really don't know how often I can put them out and I won't be given any estimates for the upcoming ones. They'll just happen when they'll happen.

I hope that everyone is doing well, this mod is a good experience for you, and again if you would want to work off of the work I already did to make your own submod or mod based off of MIeG, feel free to do so! It's why I post as much of the resources I use as I can.


Oh man psychology, good for you! I got my BA is pyschology and I want to get a master of counseling degree. I guess we can't fault you for a PhD program taking precedence over a modding hobby haha, always looking forward to updates on good mods whenever they come out, and this is definitely one of those really good mods, all around the board. Good luck with the program!

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Take as much time as you need! Can't wait to see what you have in store for us :)

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