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Short version: I reuploaded V-7.0 with a couple more fixes, other than that, I'm mainly just waiting for the right time to post Malfunction to steam greenlight.

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Update 4/12/16:

Hello everyone! This update is going to be quite small. The reason for that is; basically I am waiting for the right time to post Malfunction to Steam Greenlight. I am not able to afford it at this moment but I for sure will soon! Anyways, the news;

First, I have not made any new additions to Malfunction, but I did re-upload V-7.0 that fixes several things. The list is down below;

-Fixed the footstep sounds from overlapping

-Added new footstep sounds for Investigator Mode

I know it's not much but at this moment Malfunction is at a really good state and it's fine the way it is (Which is a good thing!) If you haven't yet, be sure to try Malfunction 7.0 here!

Malfunction V-7.0 (Some NEW additions!)

(Remember to leave feedback if you encounter any bugs or glitches!!)

Second, Recently I deleted some old screenshots and made some new ones! Which those will be used for when I post Malfunction to Steam Greenlight. Check them out! As you can see, the camera is now zoomed in quite a lot more, which is changeable in the game's settings.

That's about all I have for now. Like I said, I'm waiting for the right time to post Malfunction onto Steam Greenlight, so there isn't much to really update. It's a matter of just waiting now. Anyways, I hope you all have a good day, and stay tuned for more updates!

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