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Post news RSS Quick Update - 12/3/2016

A quick status update in regards to the production of Oak, along with a message to supporters.

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Hello all! First off, I would like to thank all of those who helped get Oak to 6th on the charts. It's a long road, and I look forward to sharing every exciting moment (such as this) with all of you. You may be thinking, "huh? I don't recall helping this project." and my answer to that is as follows... By simply viewing this page and reading, watching, sharing, etc ; you are helping. Any exposure is appreciated! Please feel free to vote for Oak to be nominated for an IndieDB award. It is an honor to use this platform and showcase this project that I hold so dear.

On to the quick news/update!!! Since the last article, quite a bit of Level Design has gone underway. Blocking out 2 entirely new large environments is a challenge I enjoy all too well. With these levels, the purpose is to allow the player to explore. No pathways, no "invisible walls", just an open space with rich story to uncover. In fact, the thumbnail image is just a teaser of what's to come in the following weeks!

This game is about moving forward, it is about life as much as it is death. Grief is the monster in us all, waiting for its inevitable forthcoming. It is in grief that we dig deep and truly see what life is and what that means. Olivia is in the position each of us either already have or will be in, Oak is designed to portray that human emotion we all share. Indeed, it is troublesome, but it is necessary nonetheless. Grief is a monster, and it's the monster we all face eventually.

Thanks for reading, I look forward to sharing more of this project with you all in the coming months.


Jared Brooks

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