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Today , we want to talk about game-play mechanics of CHAOS. Begin by presenting the 6 main quests , which represent the objectives of each dungeon when loading a game.

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The player automatically obtains a series of 6 quests (divided in 3 dungeons, 2 quests for dungeons ) when connecting to the game. None of them is required. This is to give freedom to the player during the exploration phase of the dungeon, giving him the opportunity to achieve one or more objectives.

The rewards are different depending on the goal , the difficulty level of the game and the dungeon in which the player is.

Explore the dungeon and find the crystal before the creatures of Chaos destroy.

As soon as the player enters the dungeon, a gauge at the top of the screen indicating the points of life Crystal. This gauge is updated in real-time throughout his career in the dungeon.
The player will find the Crystal before his life falls to 0.

Go to Fault Nimde and defeat the Avatar of Chaos.

The Avatar is a unique, powerful and interesting creature because it is the only one to have certain items in his loot table. Moreover, it is the only creature in the dungeon can drop an item of legendary quality.

Find relics Nerhacte.

Each wing of the dungeon contains a powerful artifact contained in a chest whose key is held by a Corrupt Archivist.
The player will have to find and defeat these powerful agents of Chaos to get his key and unlock the chest.

Find and destroy the flaws of Chaos.

The border between the Netherworld and the world of men is so fragile that flaws open around the dungeon , pouring a steady stream of creatures. Priest Brambling ask the player to find and close these loopholes by destroying them.

Find and protect the High Priest Daerian.

The High Priest Daerian is still inside the temple Nimde and nobody knows if he is still alive. The player must explore the dungeon in search of Daerian and , to the extent possible, to assist him .

Kill as many creature

Captain Ironside asks the player to kill as creature of the same type, defined randomly at the beginning of the game. Obviously , all creatures do not have the same value for the captain who knows that it is more difficult to overcome a golem as a skeleton.
There will be no limit to this.

Difficulty talking about !

In addition to providing 3 dungeons with progressive difficulty , part of Chaos may engage in three difficulty modes :

- Easy (0-15)
- Normal ( 16-35 )
- Hard ( 36-50 )

Brackets : the level of Skillbook required to start a game in the game mode

Add to this the ability to play "Permanent Death" mode. How does it work ? Classic! When creating a character , the player has the option to enable or disable the permadeath for this particular character . In case of death it will be erased and are SkillBook and content of his chest.

Last point, the Black Market !

NPC located in Fort Merals offer a selection of objects of type and quality varied . This selection will be reset after a certain time ( between 30min and 1h randomly ) . Reset will be preceded by an audible announcement and / or visual.

Virtual bidding will take place.

Types of objects available on the Black Market are:
- Weapons and armor ( yellow to blue)
- Craft materials ( basic to rare)
- Range 4 - modifiers ( SkillBook )
- Consumables

We are continuing our work in progress : the pathfinding , the latest models PJ & NPCs, Skill and content production . ;)

Bonus: Preview of DarkGolem : Work in Progress !

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