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The announcement of our new project; Metacube: Taking QB to the next level.

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QB was a small game project worked on over two weeks. It was a simple puzzle-platformer that's core concept was the whole game world taking place in a cube and that world rotating, progressing the player to the next level. By the end of the two week production, the game had two levels with six zones in each.
It has been seven months since the two week challenge that saw the development of QB. In that time, we have been both astonished and flattered by its positive reception. It is because of that great feedback that we have started taking the idea of revisiting QB very seriously.

Project Metacube is a great expansion on the QB concept. Metacube is taking the same core mechanics of QB and applying them to a project setting with a larger scope and vision; delivering a longer and more fulfilling experience. We are amidst the planning of an entire world for the player to roam, enjoy, and learn. Metacube will be the largest project any of us have undertaken, but we are confident that it will blow your minds.
So get excited, QB is back!

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