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Lots of changes and new ideas in a gameplay point of view and a flying enemy too.

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Gameplay issues and solution

Since last update, we have been confronted with feedbacks about our game.
Some of them were already being discussed in our team but others brought us a new vision for the game.

We had issues with the gameplay itself. It was slow, not really interresting and on top of that it was really difficult to complete a level with all health and light factors we had to check.

Previously, the player had to navigate from worm to worm to give them light and he had to hurry because those lighted worms were always loosing energy.
In our new version, a lighted worm doesn't lose energy anymore. If it's lighted, it's definitly lighted ( unless you die and have to restart the level of course ). To balance the easier levels, we choose to take the player's energy to fuel the worms.

Now, you have to be very careful with your life : if you give too much energy to a worm, you may not have enough energy left to go in an energy-regen area.

You are not urged to light all those worms anymore, leaving you a chance to explore the forest, but be aware that completing a level grants you points which are, among other things, based on the time needed to complete it.

We are now preparing ourselves for the ImagineCup challenge and we will come soon with a trailer video; meanwhile, why don't you take a look at our new friend enemy ?

roach enemy

roach enemy

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