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Hello everyone! The second patch for Put 'Em Up is now live! This one adds some improvements to the core gameplay mechanics, as well as a whole bunch of fixes.

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• Punching actually works now!

• Implemented ragdoll and force from impact when a player gets downed by an NPC. Kapow!

• The toilet on floor 2 is no longer out of order. Try not to clog it up again please.

• PS4 controller Left Trigger now works correctly

• Camera zooming is a bit better than it was before (we'll continue to improve this!)

• Character-select portraits no longer affected by post processing so their colours are correct

• Added invisible barrier inside elevator that activates when all players are inside so they don't caught in the doors

• Standing on a rooftop window makes it break after a few seconds!

• Fixed the hat on player Guard Outfit to stop them floating

• Loot value is now saved per-level, so retrying a level only resets your loot amount to what it was at the start of that level

• Picture of uniform on Floor 2 above the elevator is now navy to match the required costume

• Palm tree colliders fixed

• Several minor visual tweaks and fixes

Now get out there and pull off some heists, ya filthy animals.

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