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Release Candidate Two features a lot of bugfixes and game improvements, and we think everybody will enjoy it quite a bit.

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Additions / Major Installer Changes

1. Multiplayer wasn't working, due to some bugs in the Spring engine in the initial release.

Now it is.

That said... be aware that games larger than 1 vs. 1 may not be stable- for some of our advanced users reported getting through a game of 2 vs. 2, etc., but your mileage will vary.

2. More single-player missions against AI players, to give people a better idea of how both sides work, before trying to play online.

3. Fixed up SpringLobby (an alternative multiplayer client), so it works now. Thanks, Koshi.

4. Fixed up TASClient(the Spring engine's primary multiplayer client for Windows), so that it will log into the proper server. Thanks, Satirik.

5. Tested and configured the Advanced Player Info Widget.

6. Tested the AoE Widget, it's great and well-designed, and will be put into World Builder.

7. Made the theme music a Widget, so that you can turn music on/off.

8. Windows installer features latest version of Spring engine, which fixed a number of problems.

9. Swapped out the fog on the City Map for a version that draws significantly faster.

10. Prepared and released a Linux build.

Balance Changes and Other Fixes

1. Heavy Mech has had its damage output lowered.

2. Guntank / Resistance MBT have both seen hitpoints raised, to make them feel more "tanklike".

3. Issues with Ion Laser have been dealt with (lowered range considerably, raised reload time, fixed issues with Interceptors not being able to shoot them down, etc.).

4. Most of the turrets have had their build times double, to lower the amount of defensive tactics a bit. They're still very effective at stopping rushes, but will take more time to build.

5. MetalMakers use the Energy specified in their description now.

6. Overmind Commander has been given a substantial hitpoint boost.

7. Repair speeds lowered for all units except for the Overmind Commander.

8. Found errors in the auto-repairs for most units... fixed them.

9. Various small fixes.


what does 'nerfed' mean?

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xenoargh Author

It means that something was made weaker.

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