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P.U.R.E.'s been updated, bug-fixed, and is better than ever! Come get some giant robot-stomping, mechanized warfare action!

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1. Major fixes for serious bugs in RC5 affecting ATi card users and low-end onboard graphics cards. GLSL errors should now result in the realtime-lighting shader being removed. Infinite-troopers bugs fixed. Major exploit with Advance Base fixed (thankfully before anybody noticed).

2. Many minor Lua error-spam bugs found and fixed.

3. Air rebalance. Air costs more Materials, Resistance Fighter has a laser weapon and its missile has a wider engagement cone, making it more effective for its cost. We do not know if these changes make Air un-viable, for either side, please let us know.

4. Resistance Biketank's mine is now a "minefield", which attacks everything within a short distance. The minefield has 5-15 "mines", which do fairly good damage, ignore buildings (and cause no damage to them), with a low refire rate. Multiple minefields will be very effective at stopping ground attacks. Minefields do not decloak cloaked units, so cloaked Assault Shells will pass through, undetected. This may or may not be OP, please let us know.

5. Options menu added to the game. Lets users turn music on/off, adjust sound volumes, and other things. Pretty basic atm, but it works.

6. SP missions all work again.

7. Chickens improved a bit; cured a few error-spam causing things. I really suggest trying the Chickens variant, to teach yourselves how to play, it's a lot more interesting than RAI.

8. Going to Tier Two costs 1000 Materials. This is a major change, so please let us know how well it's working. We wanted to slow down the rush to Tier Two a bit.

9. Overmind RocketTank has had the AOE reduced considerably. No change to damage or range.

10. Resistance Biketank Mortar Variant AOE halved, damage tripled except against buildings. May be OP at this point, we're not sure.

11. Overall installer size has dropped again, due to more optimization of music and graphics. Now around 200MB for the bare-bones, dropped 70MB. This is as small as it's getting, enjoy it while it lasts ;)

12. We will no longer be supporting the preinstall version.

13. From here on out, maps will be versioned if they are changed.

14. Resistance Heavy Troopers buffed on ground, de-buffed in air. Cannot land if in the air, must be transformed.

15. MegaFusion buffed considerably. Now outputs 5000 Power. Has 3000 hitpoints, up from 1000.

16. LightMech Standard Variant's missile and gun got small buffs.

17. Resistance Snipers and Grenadiers build in squads of 5 now. Costs are a bit lower, but buildtime has gone up. No other changes to their weapons, etc.

18. All official maps were recompiled using the modified Mother's MapConv and nvdxt.

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