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Demo version 1.2a fixes several issues with 1.2 for Vista and Windows 7 users.

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Download P.U.R.E. Demo 1.2a directly from www.wolfegames.com.

Demo 1.2a fixes two out of three bugs seen in the initial release:

1. Under Windows Vista / Windows 7 beta, UAC caused problems for users running without being logged in as Administrator.

2. The default screen resolution has been reset to 1024 / 768, for people on laptops, etc. You can change that through the Settings application to whatever you'd like.

There is one other issue, involving the Manual. Seems that under some conditions, XP users can't open the PDF through our AppLauncher front-end. The manual's in the root installation directory, labeled, "PURE_Manual.pdf ", if you're having trouble accessing it. We'll try and get this bug straightened out asap, thank you for your patience.

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