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A quick update regarding PUNT: Rebirth's development as of 2/9/16.

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This article has been long over due, but some minor road blocks prevented it from being posted at the correct time. That said, there's been quite a lot done over the past month.

To start off, the functionality of lasers has been completely changed. They no longer damage the player, and can be blocked by objects and the player. However, their overall look is a W.I.P.

2016 02 09 00003

Additionally, due to the help of Reepblue, many models have been updated (though they may still be subject to change in the future). This includes doors, cube dispensers, cubes, and more.

2016 02 09 00001

2016 02 09 00002

Flip cubes have also been implemented into the game. Pause and bomb cubes have received minor model and skin changes, as well as the removal of the ability to freeze pause cubes via "E" for the pause cubes. This was done to allow for more possibilities while creating puzzles, as well as to stay true to the original PUNT.

As shown somewhat in the media above, the art style is going through some serious changes. Instead of taking inspiration from Reepblue's Retro Futuristic PUNT, we're now looking to have it more closely resemble Reepblue's PUNT from 2012. Within a week or so, we plan on uploading a video demonstrating a new puzzle which utilizes both Pause and Flip cubes, as well as a few new objects which are currently in the works.

Development of PUNT: Rebirth has really kicked into full swing, and we hope to have much more ready for the public in the near future.

Until next time,

-Tristan (BoxandRocks) of the Corrupted Studios development team



Secret_Coming - - 1,057 comments

only thing I didn't liked was about this line on the cube: Prntscr.com
Is it to say "Hey my place is on a button"?

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Box&Rocks Author
Box&Rocks - - 152 comments

It's simply to indicate that the cube can only be used for that. Again, this will most likely change in the future, but simple symbols such as that help with differentiating the cubes from one another.

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