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Post news RSS PUNT: Rebirth Development as of 2/22/16

A quick update regarding PUNT: Rebirth's development as of 2/22/16.

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While it has yet to be the usual month between each article, quite a bit of progress has been made over the past two weeks. Additionally, there's some exciting news for the future of PUNT: Rebirth as well.

Personally, I've been primarily working on maps for PUNT and attempting to make the in game entities easy to work with in hammer. Having said this, I'd like to announce that PUNT: Rebirth will release with full custom mapping support for anyone who would like to create their own puzzles or maps. PUNT: Rebirth, unlike Portal 2 and Alien Swarm, does not use a proprietary map format. Rather, the standard Source SDK Base 2013 Singleplayer map format is used. This means that not only is the game compatible with the multitude of Source engine tools available, but it's compatible with standard Half-Life 2 maps as well.

As far as what maps are being worked on / have been created, the following are a few screenshots from some of the maps currently in game:

2016 02 17 00002

2016 02 21 00004

2016 02 17 00001

Please note: Elements such as textures, models, and effects are heavily being worked upon at the moment or may even be missing, and those which are shown above are not necessarily what the final versions will look like.

Additionally, Zafire Flame Dragoon has once again made new music for PUNT: Rebirth. This time around, it's in the form of the ambient pieces, "Corners and Tiles" and "Empty Vents", which are intended to be used in puzzles.

In addition to Zafire's music, Krislynn is currently working on a few songs at the moment as well. As far as new features go, zooming via the mouse wheel has been reworked, and the capabilities of dynamic lighting have been improved even further.

I'd also like to announce that within one month, we're aiming to have the Steam Greenlight page for PUNT: Rebirth go live. As it stands, we'll be ready to by then as far as the game itself goes, although the creation of the trailer/s may push back that estimate.

Conclusively, we're currently contemplating bringing a 2d animator on board for one of the trailers. If you're interested, or know someone who may be, please contact us at boxandrocks@gmail.com or corruptedstudiosemail@gmail.com

Thank you for following the mod, and I hope that what we do in the future lives up to our goals for the mod, as well as your expectations.

Until next time,

-Tristan (BoxandRocks) of the Corrupted Studios development team



Hell_Diguner - - 3,645 comments

Wow, it's rare mods announce faster progress than expected

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Secret_Coming - - 1,057 comments

I think this team doesn't have problems such as school and stuff (They don't mention that any time at all), so I guess it's relative.

But I'm still freaking myself out to play the hell of it

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Secret_Coming - - 1,057 comments

hey you guys said map support, does that mean also mod and workshop support too?

(Also am I the only one who saw a human there).

Another question: will this stay as a hl2 mod or will be full standalone

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Box&Rocks Author
Box&Rocks - - 152 comments

You may or may not have seen a human!

To answer your questions, yes, we plan on having full mod support available for PUNT: Rebirth, and plan on having the final game be standalone, as it technically no longer runs on the HL2 version of Source. Regarding workshop, I'd seriously like to, but it would take a lot of programming work, so I'll have to discuss it with some contacts of mine before I confirm or deny definite support.

Also, regarding your post above, we unfortunately aren't full time game developers. We all either attend school or have a job. Hopefully we'll all be able to full time in the future though! :D

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Secret_Coming - - 1,057 comments

well I wouldn't mind buying a game like this I guess if reepblue approves maybe you could make this as a carrer right!

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