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We talk about story arcs and how music ties into all of it.

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Lethal Lens has gone into full production mode. As I type this, our team of concept artists, modelers, composers and programmers are working hard to finish an ambitiously unique game.

Today's update will focus on the musical side of Project Icarus. Working on the original soundtrack we have Lashmush and Papkee, both extremely talented composers that will definitely bring life to the game. The game itself is being planned accordingly: each faction is going to have its own story arch that will tie into physical gameplay (maps and gametypes). With that said, the music of Project Icarus is going to play a very big role in expressing, not only the style, but the emotion in each cut-scene.

The stories we write at Lethal Lens will focus on giving the characters a dynamic narrative so that players can immerse themselves in a game that plans to be very accessible through story-telling and music. Hopefully, it will give players the true drive to fight for whichever faction they choose.

Lethal Lens is very big on story driven immersion. You don't necessarily need fancy graphics or shock value gore. You need a story that will hook you in straight away and push you to fight for your character. Music is a huge part of creating that feeling, our narrative and making a truly immersive game.

All of that said, you can listen to the tracks we have out now on our soundcloud page.The album will launch alongside the game, but you'll be able to pre-order it very soon!

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