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Brand new art and animations for Play Nimbus' upcoming game, Project Asteroid

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Woah. It’s hard to believe another week has passed and I am already writing another development update for Project Asteroid. Lots of work has been done this week, so instead of putting a lot of filler text in, I’ll jump right on in and start talking about the new things that have been accomplished.


As the title of the story has said, yes, animations have been put onto our very first character in the game, which you saw last week. The robot (which is still un-named), now looks more and more like a badass and even a bit scary when you first encounter him in-game. I know it’s not much, but below is a small little loop of the robot’s animation. Enjoy!Note: if the animation isn’t showing, try refreshing the page. Flash player is also required. Alternately, click here to see the animation if it isn't loading.

Engine Rebuilding

More work has been done to rework the engine in the past week. Most of this reworking is to make things more efficient on the coding side of things. Mainly merging a lot of things into one and making a few things much easier to do. While things were efficient before, they are even better.On top of this, I started reworking how a second key aspect to the game works. It’s currently working great in the reworked engine and I can’t wait to see it evolve a bit more.

New Character Art!

Our new artist, Steve, worked on some new character art for the game. Soon they will receive all the animations they need for the game and more will be created. More who these characters are soon. ;)

Expanding Web Presence

Lately, we have been working on expanding our presence throughout the internet. We currently have a few active accounts such as ourTwitter (@PlayNimbus), our Facebook page (/PlayNimbus), and our Indie DB developer page which we frequently use and post to. We are working on expanding our presence more and more, and if you have a network you’d like to see us on, let us know!

Wrapping up the week

This week was a bit short, and we delayed this update a bit just to try to squeeze in a bit more information, but alas, nothing much was really squeezed in. We did settle on what might be a final name for the game, and have been teasing it, a lot. We should be doing a reveal soon, but for now, we’re staying quiet.We are still going to tease though. Stay tuned. ;)

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