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A small update on our progress... Clouds! Damage model! Sun! Stars! Combat Fetus! Flying! - We aren't dead!

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School has taken its toll on this two-man team for the past couple of months, but rest assured this project is still kicking.

What's new:

We have revised (and are still in the process of properly implementing) our model format. This will allow us to give you flexible and natural looking damage, as seen in the image.

We have precipitation and the cloud fields generated are random, and natural in appearance. Our clouds are also lit not only efficiently but, for all our limitations, quite naturally. See attached video.

The beginnings of our ballistics system is programmed, which I'm sure many people will be happy to hear, as this gets dicta that much closer to being an actual game!

We have a sun and lighting effects which is a subtle but important detail. Once we get shadows going, which is probably a significant distance down the track, our (and your) game will start to look very slick.

Our celestial sphere is modelled, and contains accurate constellations. This should allow us to play on any date in history and have a reasonably realistic night sky - It will also contribute to navigation at night.

Flight physics have been tweaked for higher realism in flight, with the sensetivity of controls being related to your speed.

Enjoy, folks

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