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It's been a long time since we announced it and finally we bring you our first progress update!

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At long last, the first update to Crimson Diaries : The mystery begins.
Well, technically it isn't an update to the game itself but to the engine which will be powering the game - the Aperture3D Engine.

We could have brought in an update earlier but got caught up with adding more and more features so that this update would be a good one. So without further delay, here's the video:

We're demonstrating the vibrant colors created by HDR and Gamma Correction and you can also notice the vignette around the screen. The sky is procedurally generated using a custom algorithm. Our engine is also integrated with the excellent BEPUPhysics engine. Additionally, the entire scene is rendered to a texture which is then displayed as a full screen quad. This entire setup runs at a full 60 FPS on a PlayStation Vita and even outperforms the PC simulator - which runs the same scene at 15 FPS.

Oh, and before you say that the scene doesn't look spooky at all, this is just a tech demo, we need a brightly colored scene to be able to see the effect of our custom shaders.

Since PSM is performing better than we expected and we believe in pushing everything to its limits, we will continue adding effects to improve the graphical quality of all our games which are/will be powered by this engine.

Some of them being:
- realtime shadows
- realtime screen space ambient occlusion
- frustum culling (to get even more performance out of the platform)
- bloom
- depth of field
- motion blur

KamRandle - - 68 comments

@hgoel974 Hey, the engine is looking great! Have you built in a deferred renderer yet? If so, are you rendering to 3 textures for the GBuffer or have you gotten it to work a different way? And I'm really surprised the Vita outperformed the PC simulator. Also, is this using the camera I sent you? If so, does it work good while looking with the right analog stick or did adjustments have to be made? Thanks! This is really looking great! I'm definitely looking forward to the next update. Keep it up :)

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himanshugoel2797 Author
himanshugoel2797 - - 14 comments

thanks! I haven't finished the deferred renderer but I am reducing most information into 2 textures, for instance, the positions can be calculated from depth (which can be one channel) the normals can be packed into 2 channels instead of 3, the one remaining channel could be used to store info like material data, this means that instead of using 2 different textures for them, you just use one, however a color texture needs to be kept separate because it is not possible to include without losing precision and PSM doesn't support rendering to half-float textures.
Yes, this uses the camera you sent me, it works great with the analog sticks, I just changed both movement parts to LinearVelocity to make it work well with the physics - especially continuous collisions.
Some more progress has made me rework some of my goals because although PSM was outperforming PC, the moment I added SSAO things dropped to 5 FPS on PSM and 15 FPS on PC

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