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1/2/2017 Log Report New ship sprites New ships New outfits

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I made several temporal ship sprites today using images from star trek online.

- started coding several ships

- finished a couple ships

- started organizing the ship data file.


Short-term (next 2 weeks)

- Finish creating the ship sprites

- Get a majority of the ships at least working with sprites.

- Figure out why the new station and planet sprites won't work.

- Add new outfits and work on them


- Get all ships coded, with sprites, and with proper outfits

- GET MAP DONE!!!! /w fixed planets and stations

- Get outfits coded

- Get sprites for a majority of new outfits

- Test the mod in the game (i haven't tested it for a while)

- Resolve Conflicts with other mods


- Bug-fix any problems

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