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Update: New patch is ready now! There is a story mode breaking bug in the new released 1.15 patch!

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Update: The 1.16 Patch has now been submitted to the platforms. If fixes that big bug as well as some other small issues and also includes some tweaks. You could also already download it over the website:
Change Notes txt: Tocogames.com
There will be a proper news post once the patch is approved on Desura.

Something got messed up with the collisions initialization. When you start in a forest, cave or on the graveyard in the story mode the ground collisions are missing then. Since it is weekend the Desura team does not approve patches from my knowledge. It can get updated then on the earliest on Monday.
But if you already updated the game and like to play the story mode you can download the old 1.1 patch here: Lastknightthegame.com

Arguably I rushed this new build a bit and went with no proper testing, there was not much that could get messed up since this build was only about the hats (for which I only had to test with the endless modes) and mainly some glitches and smaller bug fixing but somewhere in that process I must have destroyed something with collisions initializations of the different themes. I not really started looking into yet since I wanted to get this info out as soon as possible and I will make then also sure that the fixed build will get uploaded before Monday so the Desura team can upload it as soon as possible.

When that fixed version gets through I will also make a proper news post about the new hats features.

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