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Deaths will get realeased very soon and for realase I make some new content!

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Hello fans!

I'm very happy that some people loved my game. My deam came true ;) This game will be released propably in a next week for 3euro! (It's really cheap ^.^) So if you like it, BUT IT! There will be a lot of COMPETITIONS, but I will talk about it later.

In first release (Alpha 3) There will be around 15 levels (hard ones), but as soonest as possible I will make a lot more.

First Alpha 3 changelog:
* magma biome
* antimatter biome
- ice traps:
* falling spikes
* turret
* rotating laser
- magma traps:
* vulcanoes
* fire
* magma blocks
- corruption traps:
* poisonous traps
* aiming turrets
- more levels
- ?editable controls?

more content for alpha 3 comming soon!!!


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