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Announcement of the upcoming demo release for Hyphen

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Hi all,

We will be releasing a pre-release demo for Windows within the next few days. The download will be available on here as well as on our own website. The demo will consist of a small selection of levels and music from the full game and has mainly been created to fulfil two purposes:-

1.) To give our loyal fans something to get their teeth into, we have had lot's of people asking about Hyphen on various social sites and this demo should scratch an itch for them

2.) Feedback/bug reports. Although we have tested Hyphen throughout it's development it hasn't been exposed to the wide range of hardware and software configurations out there. We would really appreciate it if people would let us know how it ran and if there's any places for possible improvement. We're still a good month away from the full release so there is plenty of time to iron out kinks.

Anyway that's all for now, if you're interested in playing the demo then keep an eye on us as we will make a post when the demo is available for download.



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