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The good news is, you survived the operation. The bad news is, you don't remember being brought to the hospital. Come to think of it, this doesn't look like a hospital at all...

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Hey IndieDB,

after a several-year hiatus due to personal issues, I finally logged back into my IndieDB account. Tower 57 ended up being a mixed bag of successes and failures, depending on how you look at it, but you can only keep the gamedev itch away from the gamedev for so long, so here I am.

Anyway I've always been a massive VR enthusiast since the late 90s (when I played a VR version of Rise of the Triad on a bulky headset at a trade show), and I've decided I've probably got one more indie game in me before I'm too old to work crazy hours ^_^#

So essentially this is a VR horror / survival / puzzle game, based around a "non-euclidian-ish" mechanic of portals showing you / leading you into alternate realities (but also some good old getting chased by paranormal entities around Escher-esque and vaguely liminal environments ).

It's been a while since I've IndieDB'ed, so pardon me if I'm doing something wrong, but here are a few screenshots and a few videos of prototyping mechanics and testing out puzzles and potential jump scares :)

I'm sure this post will get 1 or 2 views if I'm lucky but... damn... feels good to be back ^+^






Hope whoever sees this likes it, cheers!

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