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Small improvements to the gameplay mechanics in preparation for the building of world 3, stable build

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After 24 hrs of rigorous testing by a dedicated team of 5 people, all the known bugs are gone. Worlds 1 and 2 are finally done from a gameplay perspective (thus fast overnight updates that were being released faster than people were able to download them). There are still some opposite opinions about couple of game design decisions, but I'm happy with what I have for now.

Finally I feel that I'm ready to start working on world 3 (Swamp), which includes drawing new tiles, coming up with new mechanics (traps and environment) and also, creating modified and brand new enemies.

Build has been dubbed "stable" and will stay available for downloads alongside the newer builds (which will be marked as 0.0.3.x and contain new levels for the world 3 for early testing).

Goblins and Coins DEMO

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