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Small improvements to the gameplay mechanics in preparation for the building of world 3

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After receiving feedback from players based on the last pre-alpha and demo release, I've added 1 second of invulnerability to the player character after being re-spawned after losing life.

This will help in some very rare situations where in the past you could have been re-spawned next to the enemy that killed you, after bouncing between platforms and falling into a trap, and then immediately being killed again. It should also make it much easier to deal with a bit more complex enemies like ax throwers. I just hope not too easy to make the game uninteresting by removing the challenge completely. Some testing to find the right balance is in order. Please note: You're still vulnerable to traps you can't destroy in any way like spikes, circular saws and so on.

Fixed a weird bug where leaving the game and going to main menu only to start story mode again would leave you with the previous amount of lives instead resetting the amount to maximum value.

Goblins and Coins DEMO

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