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Hello again, I am just writing this to tell everybody about Pre-Alpha! In this release, a bunch of new stuff was added, and some sweet grapics were added to the IndieDB page!

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First off, new features! I'll list them below:

- Smg added, Scroll wheel down to select SMG, scroll wheel up for pistol.
- 7.65mm ammo added for SMG.
- Main menu added.
- New cursor added.
- Save and Load functions added!

The save and load functions require a bit of explaining. In the menus, the continue button only works if you have a savegame, so click start new game, and it will save as soon as you get plopped into the forest! To quicksave In-Game press F5, then to quickload In-Game press F8.

I think we are almost ready to put the game into Alpha! We have a WHOLE LOAD of features planed for the alpha, so be sure to track the game to stay up to date! Some features we plan on adding:
- More areas to explore (eventually open world)
- Removing round system, to add NPC's with quests.
- Zombies won't chase you unless your within a certain radius of the zombie.
- Guns will be extremely rare, meaning melee weapons!
- Co-op support!
- Money!
- Followers!

These are planned for now, if you have any ideas just head over to our forums on the indiedb page, and post in the suggestions board!

Well, that's it for now, stay tuned for the next piece of news on Dead Year


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