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Check out the latest improvements to Absolute Territory: The Space Combat Simulator. Post processing effects enhance visual quality while other 'juicy' improvements enrich your experience.

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Welcome along!

Closed Beta Signup

It's been a busy few weeks. I started beta signups* for the Absolute Territory beta. Thanks to those who have already signed up, there is still room for you to join in*. All going well, the beta will be begin within the next month. Don't miss out on a chance to help improve* Absolute Territory with your input.

*They are all the same link to the beta signup form:)

Post Processing

A range of graphics options are available to customise your experience in-game. You can choose which settings your prefer individually for a tailored experience, whether it's due to the capabilities of your PC or personal preferences.

Camera Shakes

I mentioned juice before. It's not the OJ kind, but the little details that can be added to make the game feel and look better. In the first squeezing of juice, camera shakes have been added. These shakes occur from various events, whether firing your weapons, getting hit by weapons fire or an explosion wake, or just plain flying into something.

There really is no excuse for flying straight into a Transport.

Weapon Effects

Weapons also get juiced up with muzzle flash effects and with new beam and pulse laser impact effects. Look closely at where these laser beams are hitting and you will see these new neat effects.

Laser Beams have a short range, but are quite powerful and can be very lethal in skilled hands.

Absolute Territory has a steam page where you can check out the games trailer and some screenshots. In the next few days I'll be updating the trailer and screenshots to highlight the latest graphical improvements.

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