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Hello, boys and girls! New build, new stuff and bug fixes. The biggest thing (probably) is options-menu! Fully bindable player controls (left click and then press the key you want, no any message windows whatsoever, sorry.) Read the full change log by clicking me! me! Me me me!

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Portal Mortal -
So, new build and new stuff. Not that much modifications or brand new addons, but some things are now working better than they used to. Unfortunately, this build is windows-only. If I have enough sparetime (which I don't), i'll try to compile (working) linux-version as well.

Change log:

-Better particle classification.
-Ice more slippery!
-Small air control changes while going through portals. Still needs some modification.
-Player & Portal fixes.
-Player's character will follow mouse with its eyes.
-Decide whether power sources are on or off at the beginning.
-You can now "paint" blocks. (Shift + left mouse).
-Portal colors and mouse graphics changed.
-Player animations.
-Hallucination & clarify blocks.
-Vanisher block.
-Sign is working better, but still needs some fixes.
-Laser calculation changed to be lighter.
-Some code cleaning.
-See the value of blocks just by hoovering your mouse over them.
-Options-menu added. Key binding still needs some changes.
-One new level added.

Feeling dizzy? How about a drink?

Known issues:
-Portals will sometimes stuck inside the ground, followed by painful death.

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