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This update will feature very first Linux build and some other changes. Last two weeks I've been focusing to fix a couple of things. Nothing big with content hasn't happened, but all small things I've tweaked and fixed should compensate the lack of new blocks (= content).

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For every Linux user, I'll say it one more time so you don't spam me to the death if the game is not fully working. This is first release. I've used Linux VM to debug and compile and due to lack of performance, I haven't been able to fully test my game in action. Pardon, if it won't even start. I hope you find it out why and will inform me, so I can (try to) fix it.

Few things first. Current build will be available for download as soon as mods have pressed "Accept"-button. It will show under the downloads-menu.

Maximum size of the level is enormous compared to original one. Give me feedback about it, should it be smaller or even bigger or is there just enough space to do everything you've always wanted to.

There SHOULD be enough notes in README.txt if you are ever going to read it anyway. I still put change log down there just to lure you to try this game.

What's new:
- Fade-, weak- and sandblock added.
- Blood makes more mess!
- Saved levels took even less space.
- Toggle grid movement on or off.
- Bigger levels.
- Even bigger levels!
- Fixed several issues due to bigger levels.
- Smooth camera control when player is in the game.
- No more play button! Instead text top-center which will show the button every few seconds.
- In edit mode, screen dragging possible.
- Watch how is your current level looking by hitting zoom key!
- Blood makes some more mess!
- Some audio fixes.
- Level is now "open"! Until there's options menu, it's going to be that way.
- Fixed wires.
- Weird bug when you give the name before saving your game.

Known issues:
- Portals will sometimes stuck inside the ground. Should it be called... "Feature"?
- Sign is showing text in weird ways and is not completely ready. I think I managed to break it even more, meh...
- Random framedrops

PS. Oh yeah about Mac version... coming "soon".

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