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Pokémon3D version 0.41 brings in a few minor changes to gameplay and also a bunch of new Pokémon. Merry Christmas everyone ;)

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It’s Christmas time, and what could be any better to have under the tree than a new version of Pokémon3D?

Yeah, you are right, there might be some things. But still, we are releasing 0.41 of Pokémon3D with some new stuff and changes:


  • Added “Gamestate messages” which publish different actions players do on the server to everyone.
  • Changed the sprite animation cycle
  • If you are wondering where to get the server: We are still working on making it ready for you guys to use. Just give it some time ;)

Ingame features

  • Added Hidden Grottos
  • Added 77 new Pokémon


  • Small changes to improve regular gameplay
  • bugfixes all over the place (and as always, new bugs for you to enjoy.)

We also launched an ingame event that doubles monetary earnings you get from trainers. You can activate it in the Pokémon Centers.

The whole Team Kolben wishes you a good time and a merry Christmas and fun with the new update.

//The Pokémon3D Team.

Also, from me, I am thanking you sincerely for your support and feedback you have given me over the past year / month / week / day. Yes, I mean YOU. Basically every player of Pokémon3D. You guys kinda changed my life and it’s amazing to make this game happening. I found many new friends and talked to lots of people just because of this game. 2013 was an awesome year for me and I hope we can start again like this into 2014.

We started a new YouTube series called Pokémon3D SHDM where we play the game on S-Hard difficulty. We joke and derp around alot, so if you want to watch us doing so, why not check that out here:

Episode 4 of our P3D SHDM playthrough.

Yay. Christmas.

- nilllzz


One question: "77 new Pokemon" are a 77 Pokemons additional? or a Pokemon number 77?
Merry Christmas!

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Well above the picture it says added a bunch of new pokemon so Im pretty sure its 77 new pokemon not pokemon number 77 or they would just have put the pokemons name

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Oh it's true, thank you!

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