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*SPOILERS* So I get lots of messages from people who played through the mod asking what's the plot about. I know I tell the story in the mod vaguely and many players do not realize who they're playing as.

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So I get lots of messages from people who played through the mod asking what's the plot about.

I know I tell the story in the mod vaguely and many players do not realize who they're playing as.

So I decided to post this article which will explain the story with detail, so if you haven't played the mod yet do not read this as it'll spoil the experience as story is one of the main focuses of my mod.

Also sorry for all the typos and grammar errors.

So to start the game takes place in 1997. You play as Robetr, he's a medium.

He can hear voices of the dead and see things from the past, whic he uses this to make his carrer of discovering various ancient relics and structures etc.

The in game loading texts are one of the only sources of information about his character. At first I planned to develop his character futher, he was suppose to be voiced over but since I couldn't find a voice actor for him i scrapped the idea and focused on the main storyline following Henryk.

Robert is hired to find an ancient castle by mysterious man named Johnson. The castle is legendary as its apparent disappearance brought its fame.

Main protagonist leads an expedition in to the sewers of an unknown city only to be ambusched and slaughtered by an invisible monster. Robert runs away leaving everyone behind and is the only one to survive.

Terrified he hides out in his apartment where he's tracked down and kidnapped by mr.Johnson's henchmen's to dispose of him. Johnson belives that Robert killed the expedition and cheated him.

Luckily for Robert instead of being killed he's ironicaly thrown in to the very same sewer he led an expedition in to a few days earlier. That's where the game begins.

As Robert explores the sewers he finds the castle Dollus and experiences visions and hauntings from the past, he learn the story behind castle's demise and eventually either dies or escapes depending on the ending.

The actual story line follows Henryk, a young alchemist who's famous for being one of the very best in his proffesion.

At some point Radwan, the Baron of the castle Dollus recieves a mysterious letter from an unknown person.

Tempted by it he meets up with an older man who turns out to be Alexander from Amnesia the dark descent.

Alexander is aware that Dollus has been built over an ancient temple which houses one of the orbs which he's so very much seeking. He manipulates Radwan in to retrieving the orb for him, feeding Radwan with promises of magic and power it can give him.

And so Radwan starts to dig using prisoners to do the slave work. After months they dig in to the temple, the Shadow protecting the orb sences the presence of humans and releases a horrible disease as a means of defense. It quickly spreads to the castle and causes panic, in response to this Henryk is sent in to the castle by the king to study and attemp to cure the plague before it gets out of hand.

Henryk arrives and is imidietly confronted with hostility of the Baron who's afraid that Henryk's presence will complicate his secret attemps to excavate the orb.

Baron instructes the batler he assigned to Henryk to keep him away from the excavations at all cost.

Henryk begins stydying the disease and quickly realizes its extremely serious and dangerous. He spends following days setting up his workshop with the help from the butler and Helena who becomes his assistants.

However Henryk is confronted with chain of failures, he doesn't understand the disease and he's unable to help any of the infected who die at rapid rate or become aggresive mindless creatures.

He devotes himself in to his research fully which starts to greatly affect him, making him agitated, exhausted. He starts to slowly loose his sanity as becomes unstable, depressed from all of the deaths of people who belived he'll help them and from killing the patients with posion when it was too late to do anything for them. He also starts to drimk heavily and often gets furious at even minor problems.

At one point he discovers the truth about the excavations, he pieces facts together and confronts Radwan, infuriated for lying to him as the excavations turns out to be the source of the plague.

Just before this he manages to produce a formula that might just be able to cure the disease but he's never had any chance to test it out.

Henryk decides to leave, being done with all the stress and lies he's been feed all this time.

Radwan panics as he doesn't want the word to go out, he ventures in to the ancient temple in desperate attemp to retrieve the orb which unleashes shadow over the castle. It causes the whole structure to collapse underground and be burried completely erasing it from the world and trapping everyone inside.

This combined with the chaos and death of many people from the collapse allows several creatures to free roam the ruins of Dollus killing everyone who's left alive.

Henryk, Butler, Helena and several other survivors teamp up and try to find a way out and survive for several next days while Radwan, haunted by the shadow is driven insane.

Henryk's saity depletes futher as he loses all hope of escaping, knowing that death is inevitable for all of them. He confronts mentally unstable Radwan and kills him finding the key to the Temple which he leads his group of survivors in to. Shortly before descending in to the structure Butler breaks up from the group feeling there's something wrong with Henryk who now is showing visible symptons of the disease.

Henryk lures everyone in to a chamber deep inside the temple in which he traps and floods the room killing everyone inside as an attemp to save them from the suffering.

Now completely insane he succumbs to the disease becoming one of the creatures. He roams the ruins of the castle killing off all of the other creatures (except for the jonathan and the guard dog).

Hundreds of years later in 1997 he confronts Robert and haunts him through out Dollus untill he's killed by cave in in excevation site releasing his tortured soul. In special end 2/3 he contacts Robert who's given a choice to either release or trap Henryk's soul. Freeing him will result in Robert being attacked by the shadow but being saved by Henryk.


Very nice custom story for a first timer, and in general. Here are some things I liked and didn't like if yo want feed back:

Plot: 5/5. Very interesting and original compared to most custom stories. It provided, (from what I can tell), a very plausible explanation for the monsters which in other custom stories, and in the original game, failed to give a reasonable explanation for what they are, and why they look/act the way they do. Was a bit confusing. For the first part, I thought I was playing as Henryk for a while, but didn't deter from the story.

Scaryness/Fear: 4/5. Monster encounters were few but well placed. I personally am not a fan or monster heavy games, as it takes away from the plot because you have to constantly be thinking about when a monster's going to appear and if you have any quick hiding spots. Music and atmosphere kept me on edge the whole time. I did find an issue with the grunt scene in the dining hall I think (the part where you have to use the crowbar to break the wall). When the grunt spawns and you have to run, I successfully managed to avoid it, however I tried jumping in the hole bellow next to the entrance and died, when I respawned not only did it respawn the monster but I was spawned in the hallway right where it starts, which made things really difficult.

Sound: 3/5. For the most part the sound was good, and kept you on edge. I didn't like the near constant use of scary music as it keeps you on edge a bit too much. Music could get a bit annoying at times, and I felt the danger music to get really irritating when you hear it for a long time. Danger music was also too loud, I found I couldn't hear the grunt and be able to listen well when I had that playing.

Gameplay/level design: 4/5. Nicely designed rooms, it gave a good feel to all of them. Most or all of the large rooms were nice looking, and fun to be in. Gameplay was solid, not too many glitches. Only issue is the amount of rooms. One thing amnesia players (or at least a lot of us) don't like is areas with a ton of rooms. I'm a fan of tough puzzles, but when it's concentrated. It's discouraging and daunting when you see 10 different rooms and you're like "ok which one do I go in, did this one have the monster?" I'd just like to see less rooms and areas.

Puzzles: 2/5. I found that most of the puzzles were too easy. The challenge wasn't the puzzle itself but the many rooms and "where do I use this" puzzles. I guess it could be called more of a maze than a puzzle.

Overall one of the better custom stories i've played, I'm still very happy to see new custom stories of this quality even if they're not top tier, since the community is very small. If you ever make more (and I definitely wanna see more of you and your custom stories), Comparing this to the great work (in most and my opinion the hands down best custom story), this has better plot, but monster encounters aren't quite as good. Puzzles in the great work are too hard, so make the puzzles more confusing! Looking at what makes amazing custom stories so good is mostly length (which this has), plot (which this has), scary but not really terrifying or difficult monsters (this needs), amazing level design (which this has decently, but could use work on), and good sound.

Amazing story hope to see more of you!

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wilkOmilk Author

Thank u for your feedback!
I'm working on a new mod so expect more and better :p

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