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Playtest 20130818 served it's purpose. This release fixes many obvious crashes introduced lately.

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Thanks for testing and the many bug reports. We squashed as many as we could.



  • Made buildings being captured flash the colour of the captor's owner.
  • Fixed a rare crash in the color picker.
  • Simplified the logic around cloak crates.
  • Introduced per-player cloak detection.
  • Fixed units chasing cloaked units around the map.
  • Fixed observer stats displaying the wrong production icons.
  • Fixed division through zero in moveFractionTotal.
  • Don't display GPS dots for dead actors which crashes the game.
  • Remove hardcoded alpha-blend from Cg shaders.
  • Renovated the Diplomacy panel (shows teams and got scrollbars):

Red Alert

  • Fixed the map Bomber John.
  • Fixed sonar pulse and parachute bombs icons crashing the game.

Command & Conquer

  • Added the missile launch woosh sound effect.
  • Fixed "Nuke Launched" EVA announcement
  • Set up "Enemy Planes Approaching" and "Nuke Detected" EVA announcements
  • Fixed C17 icon crashing the game.

Dune 2000

  • Fixed building placement square overlay offsets.
  • Fixed unbuildable Atreides units in the Dune 2000 tech tree
  • Added the original muzzle flashes. Thanks to reaperrr!
  • Fixed AI not teching up properly
  • Fixed selection boxes for silo and starport.

Tiberian Sun

Still unreleased. Thanks to reaperrr again:

  • Added support for nearly all explosions so we don't crash when something gets destroyed.
  • Enabled mammoth tank voxel barrel.
  • Added rotor to Harpy that was missing in the original due to engine limitations.
  • Added two bonus soundtracks: Stomp and Initiate.
  • Fixed the attack cursor.
Templarfreak - - 6,722 comments

I'd like more Screenshots of the TS WIP! ^^

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ghobot21 - - 281 comments

not just pic, put some vid too!!

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Tomah_Errazurih - - 241 comments

"Added rotor to Harpy that was missing in the original due to engine limitations."
"Added two bonus soundtracks: Stomp and Initiate."


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ApornasPlanet - - 4,119 comments


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Mernom - - 718 comments

are those chages released?how do i update the program?

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Milanium Author
Milanium - - 453 comments

Go to Open-ra.org and download the latest "unstable" playtest.

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