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Fixes and improvements plus some nice community contributed pixel art for mappers with an eye for details.

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We had to re-release because of a known issue with the recent restriction of packet sizes. Please download playtest-20130713-2.


  • Overhauled lobby layout.

  • Added a new mine for gems.
  • Added new Russian and Asian house as well as rice field.

  • Added several community created map decorations like utility poles, ammo crates and tank traps for mappers with attention to detail.

  • Fixed infantry not being able to attack units from some angles.
  • Added hospital tech structure that allows infantry to auto-heal.
  • Added dinosaurs as buildable units from the C&C Biolab.

  • Red Alert Mammoth tank build time reduced to 36 seconds.
  • Tesla coil price reduced to $1200 and firing delay increased.
  • Added starting units configuration to the C&C lobby (MCV only, light support, heavy support).
  • Improved dog attack behavior.
  • Fixed missing Dune 2000 weapon sounds.
  • Fixed Dune 2000 statistics tracking.
  • Disabled bots on several maps where they don't work well.
  • Fixed exploit related to support aircraft.
  • Significant improvements to pathfinder performance when ordering units to areas they cannot reach.
  • Added giant ants and larvae as well as zombie creep actors.

  • Added huge island map Athena

Developer Notes

To everyone who wants to submit source code patches: we now support EditorConfig and StyleCop.

Templarfreak - - 6,723 comments

I think as far as coding goes, you guys need to fix the C&C Dll. It doesn't let you go as far as you can with the RA1 mod, where you can have seperate UIs per side, and you can't add a ship button either.

Or at least if you can do this, I haven't figured it out.

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Scott_NZ - - 23 comments

You can do just as much in the C&C mod. Can you elaborate on your problems?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Jagreaper - - 45 comments

Damn, Now we're going to have Zombies in RA1? I can only imagine what kinda Solo/Co-op mission you could have with that.

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
SeriousToni - - 627 comments

I really like the unit pictures :)

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