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Support for 7 new fileformats including voxels and Tiberian Sun/Red Alert 2 sprites as well as the usual amount of fixes, balancing and new awesome features.

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All mods:

  • Added an ingame credits menu.
  • Added descriptive error messages when connecting to a server fails.
  • Added guard ability to combat units ('d').
  • Added force-move ability (hold alt to prioritize move/crush over attack/harvest).
  • Added change-mod button to the asset download screen.
  • Added kick-ban to the server lobby.
  • Added a button to fill empty lobby slots with bots.
  • Added a renderer geometry visualization to the debug/cheats menu.

  • Fixed exploit allowing arbitrary building placement.
  • Fixed exploit allowing a malicious client to steal admin rights.
  • Fixed glitches relating to passenger-carrying units being killed.
  • Fixed a crash related to bridges on certain maps.
  • Fixed a crash related to the color picker.
  • Fixed a glitch where aircraft circle in the air after being killed.
  • Fixed a glitch where an uncontrollable MCV is left after a construction yard is killed.

  • Fixed civilians panicking when healed.
  • Fixed visibility of additional spectator information (progress bars, spy ownership, etc).
  • Fixed excessive "Building" notifications when rapidly pressing icons in the sidebar.
  • Fixed units continuing to attack a building after it was captured.
  • Fixed units chasing a chronoshifted unit across the map.
  • Fixed units not being able to attack buildings from some angles.

  • Removed some developer-specific options from the settings menu.

Red Alert:

  • Added external capturing for engineers (like C&C Generals).
  • Added collection animation for parabomb crate.
  • Fixed artwork glitches in several units and buildings.
  • Fixed incorrect player color on captured oil derricks on some maps.
  • Fixed support powers being available after winning a game.
  • Fixed sniper damage vs walls.
  • Fixed destroyable ore mines.
  • Tweaked some weapon explosions.
  • Sniper health reduced.
  • Iron curtain duration increased to 20 seconds.
  • Chronoshift duration decreased to 20 seconds.
  • Mobile Radar Jammer range increased.
  • Mechanic repair amount increased.
  • Decrease the infantry run animation speed.
  • Increased oil derrick health and cash rate. Added initial capture bonus.
  • Added maps: Artemis, Fort Lonestar, Pluto, Sahara, Survival02, Tournament Island, Zeus.

  • Updated maps: Ares, Apollo, Dionysus, Doughnut, Poseidon.
  • Renamed maps: Ares: National Park -> Dionysus.
  • Removed maps: Hotzone, Mjolnir-2, Seaside.


  • Restored "classic" multi-engineer behavior. Buildings above 50% health will be damaged by 50%; buildings below this will be captured.
  • Added some texture to the UI background.
  • Fixed veterancy chevrons on cloaked units.
  • Increased aggressiveness of Viceroids.
  • Reduced the pip-count on silos.
  • Orca range increased, reload time decreased.
  • Sam Site missile spread increased.
  • Added maps: Deterring Democracy, Deterring Democracy +
  • Removed maps: East vs West Redux.
  • Updated maps: Skull Valley, Slippery Slopes, The Hourglass.
  • Renamed maps: Rock Canyon -> Manufacturing Consent, Bialystok -> Lessons from Kosovo.

Dune 2000:

  • Added new title font via D2k+
  • Added maps: Imperial Basin.
  • Fixed harvester docking animation.
  • Added harvesting animation.
  • Uses original (better quality) audio.
  • Updated maps: Black Mesa, Brimstone, Death Depths, Dune Boogie.


  • Fixed a crash with server hosting under Windows.
  • Reduced order lag for singleplayer games
  • Added support for TS/RA2 mix files.
  • Added support for TS/RA2 SHP images.

  • Added support for TS/RA2 voxel models.

  • Added support for D2K RS archives.
  • Added support for WAV audio files.
  • Added support for XCC mix databases.
  • Added support for the D2K InstallShield archive.
  • Added support for classic production-acceleration behavior.
  • Added support for additional damage states on buildings.
  • Added additional debug information when yaml merging fails.
  • Added additional customization options for laser weapons.
  • Added additional logging for server errors.
  • Additional refactoring working towards TS/RA2 terrain support.

Build system and packages:

  • Host windows OpenAL and SDL dependencies on our own servers to avoid excessive downtime.

Map Editor and Tools:

  • Added an ingame asset viewer / converter to D2K and RA (enable via the Debug tab in the settings menu).


I think what you are doing is really cool. However, I must say that a lot of the things you change does not fit into the canon of C&C, which is something that bothers me and friend who has started playing this, quite a bit.
The ability to play it 100% like vanilla wouldnt be out of order.

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What you mean by that?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

By what, more precisely?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+5 votes

By this: "However, I must say that a lot of the things you change does not fit into the canon of C&C, which is something that bothers me and friend who has started playing this, quite a bit."

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Flak tracks as an example. Or different engineer mechanics. GDI turrets. Small things here and there, not a big deal, but still.

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Ok, you have some point, but still, if you mean size, remember TS, where Mamonth Mk.2 had olmost same size with other units...
Although, its MUCH bigger
I believe, that there are might be some cosmetic differents, without any global gameplay's ones...

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I defenitely do not mind cosmetic improvements. The mammoth MKII looked like that due to resolution limitations and so forth.

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Milanium Author

We tried to establish classic mods, but acceptance was very low and no one wanted to maintain them. Go for Redalert1.com instead.

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Doesnt quite work as smooth as OpenRA though.

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Tiberian sun, huh? Great work! Great wook indeed!

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes

Is there going to be a way we can send the Tib Dawn units up against the Tib sun guys?

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Milanium Author

I just put some developer test screenshots in where Paul replaced the TD units with TS voxels. We are currently in the process of optimising the renderer and refactoring towards optional isometry. Mixed universe mods are entirely possible. Someone posted an RA vs TD one in the forums.

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can i expect carryalls from dune 2k to work as they used to?

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Milanium Author

Nope, the AI sub-routine is missing completely at the moment. Github.com Patches are welcome.

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Can I expect it to happend SOMEDAY?

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23-down Online

Idea: Now that you can implement RA2 and Tib Sun content perhaps you could build a new game mode called evolution in that specific game mode you can tech up like in Age of Empire through various time lines.

In c&c both sides can build that building :

And purchase upgrades to the next timeline (tib sun).

In tib sun the next upgrade could be to hit tib sun Firestorm Era.

The tib Sun upgrade Center then could be the former official but cutted building command center:


Fans recreated it on the same page for download.

Balance wise it could mean that you encounter tib dawn units while being on the tib sun era. Those units could and should cost the double amount of cash and a tib dawn player would need like 10 mammoth tanks to crush 5 titans for example but therefore the tib dawn players gets their mammoths cheaper than the tib sun player his titans. Just to keep it simple balance wise.

It could be an interesting idea that could be also mixed with a landscape texture change as soon as one player hits the next timeline.

Tib dawn looks like tib dawn while tib sun era changes to specific tib sun era maps like seen in this video very nicely.


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As much as i understoed of the desc that change was a resolt of recording the same vid several times with a diffrent tileset and models each time,and them combining the resolts.

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