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Fewer bugs and crashes as well as a new main menu that gives a better view onto the new shellmap action.

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  • Fixed bots not building anything when their construction yard is fenced.
  • Removed missing files debug warnings as a preparation for the stable release.
  • Removed game server pinging as problem reports from Mac OS X came in displaying wrong latencies.
  • Removed Volkov as he still consisted mostly of placeholder material.
  • Fixed Red Alert AI building more than 1 production building which does not give any benefits and gave them more descriptive names. The AIs only differ in build order. It is the same algorithm behind all of them with just some configuration changes.
  • Fixed crash for observing clients when allied tech centers get destroyed.
  • Added new map for Dune 2000: "Sand, everywhere!"
  • Changed Dune 2000 explosions back to Red Alert ones as we don't support alpha channels for transparency effects there, yet.
  • Changed Dune 2000 harvester speed from 7 to 6.
  • Changed Fremen to have rocket launchers instead of sniper rifles.
  • Added a build radius to Dune 2000 to combat turret spam in enemy bases after engineer captures.
  • Added stealth raider with icon.
  • Added new C&C map "Bialystok"
  • Added exeption logging for crashes in the lobby.
  • Added a new Generals style Red Alert main menu.

  • Fixed initial shroud reveal for newly produced units in the top left corner.
  • Changed map Nishnekolymsk: added more ore to each player and created free space on the island.
  • Changed Dune 2000 rocket launcher spread increased.
  • Changed Dune 2000 rifle infantry damage vs. heavy armor reduced.
  • Changed Dune 2000 missile artillery damage slighly buffed.
  • Changed Dune 2000 tank damange vs. concrete (turrets) slightly buffed.
  • Changed Harkonnen can now build quads containing more firepower without outpost for deadly rushes.
  • Fixed bogus encrypted mixfile header detection: fixes crash with the music track "Mud".
  • Fixed incomplete bridge repair problem on Allies02.
  • Changed Dune 2000 infantry walking speed has been lowered a little.
Templarfreak - - 6,723 comments

Didn't sand in Dune 2000 make infantry walk slower?

That should be something that you guys should implement anyway just for the hell of it, allowing a lot more modding capabilities. A tag that can be added to tiles, like:


Than something like this to determine how much it slows them

Vehicle.SlowSpeed=1.00 <-- This will not reduce speed, but a value like 1.50 would cut it in half.

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Milanium Author
Milanium - - 453 comments

Vehicle speed is already terrain specific and can be defined with percentages per unit as well as inherited to all infantry/vehicles.

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23-down - - 3,598 comments

Another thing I noticed and we've tested it today in this current released build on Red Alert mod is that the walls are much to strong. While in original c&c they were literally useless now they appear much to strong.. My buddy just locked in some ai players (hard + high tech ai) and even with countless bazooka inf and tanks they weren't capable to crushing those walls in time before he set another wall formation in order. He locked their entire bases inside walls. Just for testing and fun purposes. I suggest also to make em extremely vulnerable to nukes as nukes shouldn't let anything standing in tact.

You should probably weaken walls by 5% to 10% I'm not sure.

Then there's one more request give the soviets an aero transport perhaps once they have build their air fields it's somewhat unfair that soviets can't reach certain points fast with infantry while the allies can (speaking of islands with oil platforms in this case.). Also not a bug fan that you removed choppers for the soviets. I can accept the removal of ground troop transports but choppers?

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Milanium Author
Milanium - - 453 comments

Soviets still have the APC and hovercraft.

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