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This is a maintenance release which brings fixes and polishing for an upcoming stable release.

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  • Fixed Viceroid doesn't show control group number when selected.
  • Fixed wrong mouse cursor palette in C&C (regression from renderer refactoring)
  • Fixed AI orders misinterpreted as an exploit on dedicated servers (bots allowed again by default)
  • Added C&C map Rock Canyon by Psydev
  • Added C&C map Skull Valley by Psydev
  • Added C&C map Slippery Slopes by Psydev
  • Changed OpenRA now uses Mono.Nat 1.1.0 instead of it's own limited UPnP router detection and port forwarding code (should support more devices now)
  • Changed Detect NAT devices only once on startup (removes lag when creating a new game). Disable the Automatic portforwarding checkbox if no UPnP enabled devices are discovered.
  • Added more UPnP user settings: boolean Server.VerboseNatDiscovery for additional debug messages in server.log, integer Server.NatDiscoveryTimeout in miliseconds
  • Fixed C&C options menu fade effect.
  • Added Random Map Button, Allow Crates Checkbox and Assign Teams button to C&C lobby.
  • Added new spawn selector tooltip for C&C
  • Changed map chooser polish (sort them again properly and only render the previews we can actually see)
  • Added map type and author to C&C lobby and map type filter to C&C map chooser.

  • Added remaining duration bars for Iron Curtain and Chronoshift.
  • Changed C&C construction yard HP reduced 2000 -> 1500
  • Changed Now using SharpFont instead of a custom patched Tao.FreeType in close collaboration with upstream.
  • Changed C&C AI will no longer build repair bays (as it does not yet know how to use them).
  • Changed C&C AI building limits (as it has to cope with a limited build radius now).
  • Changed Odds to get a MCV crate without base are now 80% in C&C to prevent gambling for it in early game and exploiting the possibility to trigger it by selling your construction yard.
  • Changed C&C Orca rate of fire decreased from 10 to 15.
  • Changed Increased speed and burst delay of C&C TowerMissile
  • Changed C&C construction yard HP reduced from 2000 to 1500
  • Fixed crash when perform keyboard orders on destroyed actors
  • Changed C&C Orca/Apache now require any tech building instead of the specific GDI/NOD one
  • Changed C&C APC gun does slightly more dmg; slower ROF to compensate
  • Changed C&C mammoth turret rotation from 2 to 3, now matching other tanks
  • Changed C&C infantry speed reduced by 10%
  • Fixed paratroopers revealing shroud after death
  • Added "Force Desync" Cheat for debugging the upcoming automatic crash reporter
  • Fixed cloaked units invisible to spectators
  • Changed Throw specific exception on missing sound definitions.
  • Changed Resolve hotkey conflicts between unit orders and build palette (go to Settings - Keys to change them back to your likings).
  • Added new in-game button hotkeys and display the existing ones
  • Added an eraser toolbar button to the map editor
  • Added switchable ruler markings to map editor
  • Added toolbar buttons for pan and zoom to map editor
  • Added total cash count to map editor status bar to show what the placed resources are worth in-game
  • Removed some C&C icons by Nyerguds that were not appealing.
  • Fixed crash when support power instance vanishes while tooltip is shown
  • Fixed crashy race in DemoTruck destruction
  • Changed C&C Orca missile trail
  • Added C&C rocket trail
  • Added C&C mobile SAM icon
  • Added C&C blue Tiberium tree
  • Removed Turret and PVecFloat cruft (code refactoring)
  • Changed C&C NOD Obelisk range increased by 1.
  • Changed C&C Construction Yard cooldown reduced from 8 to 5 seconds.
  • Changed C&C Blue Tiberium tree grows new resources 50% the speed of the regular green one.
  • Changed in-game server browser now sorts servers by players
  • Fixed C&C stealth not holding fire by default.
  • Fixed Random map button ignored show in map chooser setting (the secret map you discovered there was either the shellmap or some debugging test maps that are used to stress the pathfinder in worse-case scenarios)
  • Added Auto Map Downloading: upload your maps at Content.open-ra.org. People who join your game will try to fetch the missing .oramap file from the OpenRA resource server. Thanks to ihptru!
  • Fixed MCV crate not being given if normal SelectionShares was zero
  • Changed ThrowsParticle now uses world coordinates and implements a simpler model using a cubic lerp.
  • Changed C&C Orca HP reduced to 90 and limited to 5 rockets again.
  • Changed C&C MCV crate set odd to 0% when you already have a construction yard.
  • Fixed the bit-rotted tooltips of fake buildings (only used in the upcoming ra-classic mod)
  • Fixed visual glitch where Red Alert war factory closed it's door prematurely
  • Changed C&C Stealth tank range decreased by 1.
  • Changed C&C Gun & Guard tower detection range increased by 1.
  • Changed C&C tier-2 infantry and vehicles can now still be built as long as you have the GDI advanced communications center or temple of NOD.
  • Changed The offsets for the spinning radar dishes in C&C mobile headquarter and RA mobile radar jammer have been corrected (not yet used in the default mods)
  • Changed C&C Building adjacent value drastically increased.
  • Changed C&C MCV no longer needs repair bay to be built.
  • Changed C&C MLRS range and damage vs. wood reduced.
  • Changed C&C Orca range reduced.
  • Changed C&C Mammoth missiles spread increased.
  • Added C&C NOD gets a mobile SAM launcher to fight GDI air superiority better
  • Changed smoke trails and rotors now uses the new world coordinate system.
  • Fixed C&C Apache shoots at air units again.
  • Added building range and structure placement rate limiting to C&C to balance base-walking.
  • Fixed bots where reported to master server as human players, no using different fields
  • Removed the tileset builder again from packages because it is only suited for advanced modders who have downloaded the complete SDK and a working source tree.


  • Context sensitive order palette buttons:

  • New Red Alert main menu and shellmap:

  • in-game IRC client (you can join #openra on FreeNode IRC already)
alexeistukov87 - - 247 comments

Infantry on parachutes makes idle actions (grenadier's push ups, for example) in the air...

Reply Good karma Bad karma+4 votes
Milanium Author
Milanium - - 453 comments

Added it to our tracker at Github.com

Reply Good karma+1 vote
BlackHand- - - 654 comments

Is this seriously a new different game ? I mean different from the original red alert ?

Reply Good karma Bad karma+3 votes
Milanium Author
Milanium - - 453 comments

Yes, we even get criticized often from the hard-core RA95 community for not staying true to the original. Github.com

Reply Good karma+1 vote
Templarfreak - - 6,722 comments

So when are you guys going to introduce Powering buildings on and off? >=D

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
Scott_NZ - - 23 comments

RA already supports this

Reply Good karma Bad karma+2 votes
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