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We talk about playable races in our game. We also showcase all of them.

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Hi there!

Today’s update will be about playable races in our game!

We strongly believe that a great variety of races to choose from is the cornerstone aspect of fantasy roleplaying games.

We have already shown you five races in our teaser trailer. These were: humans, high elves, wild elves, dark elves and orcs. But that's not all. Realms of Magic will feature 11 playable races!

What’s more, we are happy to say that we have just finished creating all the sprites for those races. In the game you will have the possibility to totally customize your character. There are 50 hairstyles, 50 different eyes and 50 different mouths for every race and gender combination. You will also be able to change the color of all four appearance elements like: skin, eyes, hair and ornaments.
That brings us to about 27 500 000 000 different character look combinations!

We are proud to show you all of them!



The humans came to Ezran about 2000 years ago. They inhabit mainly western side of the continent. Most of them inhabit the Old Kingdom, the Empire and the Kingdom of Nords.

They are mostly well-built, average height beings. Humans differ much from one another. Their skin complexion and hair color ranges from pale and fair to dark and raven black. Their eyes are of various color.

Humans are the most versatile race and they quickly adapt to harsh conditions. One can say humans are jacks of all trade. They excel in diplomacy and landlordship due to their inborn charisma.


Wild Elves

Wild elves are divided into two distinct cultures: wood elves, or Ben’adiel in elven tongue, and steppe elves - Han’adiel. Wood elves mainly inhabit dense forests and their main domain is Myrwood in the heart of Ezran. Steppe elves mainly dwell in Plains of Hana in the north-east.

They are more muscular in build than any other elves. They usually are of medium height with predominantly dark hair. Wild elves complexion is slightly darker than human or high elves.

Wild elves are closely bound to nature and let the emotions and instincts rule their lives. They are unmatched marksmen with the bow and their swiftness and agility make them decent warriors.


High Elves

San’adiel, or the high elves as other races call them, migrated to Ezran from the south east, beyond the Scorch Mountains. They inhabit one of the most influential realms on the continent.

They are tall, fragile and slender in built. Their complexion is pale and their hair is fair. Elven eyes color are mainly in light tones, such as celestial blue or jade-green.

Other races view high elves as overly proud, arrogant and boastful. San’adiel are very intelligent and they show much talent when it comes to magic, even ordinary commoners are able to cast a few basic spells. In life, high elves prefer to use cold logic over emotions. Their perfectionism and high sense of aesthetics make them wonderful craftsmen.


Dark Elves

Most of dark elves, Vash’adiel in elven tongue, inhabit wild jungles of Kua in the south-east. However, they also have underground cities spread across the whole continent.

They are of medium height and very dark complexion. Their hair color varies from white to navy blue and black. Their eyes are usually blue or purple, but it is not uncommon to meet a red-eyed dark elf, too.

Having a reputation of cruel sadists, they are not trusted by other races. Most dark elves are egoists and care only about themselves. Due to their skills in magical arcana and agility they make the best spies and assassins.



Orcs are one of the few native races of Ezran. Most orcs inhabiting Ezran are organised into three clans: the Fire Clan, the Frost Clan and the Thunder Clan. They are mainly seen in the north and the east.

They are well-build, strong and usually green skinned. Orcish eyes are mainly red, but other colors occur as well. Their hair is different tones of brown, black and gray.

Orcish culture is based upon shamanism and predestination. That’s why orcs put much attention to their fate and destiny. Although perceived as brutal savages they are honorable fighters. Orcs make great use of the blade and are unmatched warriors when it comes to combat.



Dwarves are native inhabitants of the northern part of Ezran. They are organized into clans living in fortified strongholds located deep inside the mountains.

They are short, well-build, resilient and stout. Dwarves mainly have dark hair and eyes. They frequently keep a straggly beard.

Dwarves are friendly and hospitable, but, when offended, will hold a grudge for a long time. They are honorable and pay great attention to family ties and clan relationships. Dwarves are unmatched craftsmen and fearsome warriors.



Goblins’ civilization, one of the first in Ezran, lies in ruins. Goblins no longer possess a kingdom of their own, instead they are scattered around the continent.

Together with gnomes they are the shortest race on the continent. They are greenskinned creatures with very little hair on their heads.

Goblins are greedy beings, willing to do anything for the exchange of gold. They are also extremely agile, cunning and own a highly developed technology. Some people treat them with contempt due to their small size, while other respect their technological wisdom.



Gnomes are a native race of Ezran. Once they were a free nation occupying the middle region of Ezran. The lack of solid, centralized kingdom and their poor fighting skills resulted in their enslavement by humans and elves.

They are quite short beings, about the same size as goblins but more fragile. Their hair can be of strange color like violet, green, blue, orange or red.

Gnomes are a peaceful race and their manner is very calm and submissive. They are often perceived with disdain by other races because of their physical weakness. However, they make excellent cooks and alchemists.



Kutlacoatl are commonly called the lizardmen. They occupy volcanic islands called the Dragon Isles in the southern-eastern part of Ezran.

They are lizards humanoid in shape and covered in scales varying in color, predominantly red, green and blue. Females’ heads possess tiny bits of feathers which resemble hair, while males’ heads are smooth and horned.

Their exotic appearance and primitive, brutal behavior is widely known across the whole continent. Kutlacoatl have a reputation of cold-blooded killers and are rarely seen apart from their realm, unless they are raiding nearby coastal settlements.



Insectoids is the common name for Ix’thsi race. Their domain is desert land in the far east, where they dwell in vast hive-cities resembling pyramids.

They are humanoid creatures resembling ants in their appearance. Their bodies are strengthened with chitin, which works as an additional protection. Strictly divided into castes of warriors and workers, they are mistakenly taken as males and females by other races.

Most insectoids are driven by overmind and act as a single organism worshipping their god-mother, the hive-queen. They are treated with suspicion and caution. Rarely seen in western part of the continent.



The Cursed are humans touched by a horrible curse. They inhabit eastern part of Keirl. The Cursed are surrounded by their sworn enemies - the undead from the west and humans from the east and the south.

They resemble the dead in appearance but are not dead completely - they still desire food, drink and sleep. Most of other races do not distinguish them from the deathless atrocities as both groups look alike to an insensitive eye.

The Cursed aren’t welcomed in other realms and are always treated with suspicion. They belong neither to the realm of the living nor the realm of the dead, yet they are trying to find their place in the world.

Which race do you like the most?

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