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Here is stuff that is coming to the update KillCraft 2.0.

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Coming to KC 2.0:

  • AI-pathfinding.
  • New maps.
  • New enemies.
  • New weapons.
  • New items.
  • For multiplayer: Reviving "dead" player.
  • New shop and crafting system, including crafting items.
  • New player customizing.
  • New inventory and gun reloading.
  • New animations.
  • New models.
  • New sounds.
  • And other stuff...



Thanks for your patience!


EDIT 25.6.2013
Still fixing bugs etc.
It is really hot today, so i'm not working flat out. :I
Also i'm not pleased with the new map. Redoing it.
Sorry for this "delaying". There is no actual deadline anyways. :)

EDIT 24.6.2013
I moved the other "goals" in to the next update.
I don't know if KC 2.0 will be uploaded today, maybe.
I will get back to work.

Not publishing today.
Still gotta fix some bugs etc.
Otherwise its looking
promising and i hope to publish it tomorrow. I HOPE.

EDIT 23.6.2013
Just killing...
and crafting...
If i work hard today, i might get this update done by tomorrow.

EDIT 22.6.2013
Struggling with crafting system...
I made new models for auto-turrets. See images.

EDIT 21.6.2013
I made new
graphical user interface (GUI). Also worked on the inventory and crafting.
I think this update will be ready soon. :)

PS: I will submit KC 2.0 to Desura.
If it gets accepted, i was thinking price around 1 or 2 bucks.

I would like to keep this game free, but i really need funding. Not just for personal use, but for new projects. And i have already spended so much time on this.
I hope you don't mind.
Thank you :)

EDIT 20.6.2013
This project has taken almost two weeks already.
One of the reasons it's taking so long is that i have been working on this alone, about 1-5 hours a day.
Today i just fixed some codes, etc.
You still have to wait. ;)

EDIT 19.6.2013
The update is starting to be playalbe. :)
There is still lots of things i want to add.
PS: Check the new images.
New buildable item, barrier.

EDIT 18.6.2013
Added buildable item, a generator.
Also uploaded picture of it. Generator is used to power auto-turret etc.

EDIT 17.6.2013
Thunderstorms, damnit...
Today i modified the codes and worked little bit on the crafting system.

EDIT 16.6.2013
Today i made a lot of progress.
And still working. :)

EDIT 15.6.2013
Not much done today, due to the thunderstorms.
Only couple of weapons models.

EDIT 14.6.2013
Did some more on the animation and models.
There is lot to do. phew...

EDIT 13.6.2013
Sorry. Yesterday i did not have time to work on the update. :(
But today i have plenty of time.
I have done almost all new 3d models, animations and weapons.
Edit 2:
Uploaded some pictures. :)

EDIT 11.6.2013

Did some more animations and new 3D models for weapons.
Also trying to figure out how i'm going to make the crafting system work.

EDIT 10.6.2013
Not much done today. Free day :)

EDIT 9.6.2013:
I decided to make new animations for the game.
I got them working today and they look really good.
Now i will try to continue working on the shop and crafting system.

EDIT 8.6.2013:
One map is ready.
I am working on the new shop and crafting system at the moment.

JasonTGamer - - 226 comments

Can't wait!

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Savvers - - 14 comments


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Rickx - - 32 comments

Any news?:(

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BearlyDev Author
BearlyDev - - 271 comments

Slowly but surely.
Today i have plenty of time to work on it. I will try to upload some pictures later. Thanks for being patient! :)

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Rickx - - 32 comments

Great work! You update information very fast :D I want to be the first playing it!:)

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Jakerdinger - - 80 comments

If I see no kc2.0 tomorrow, I'll whip yar ***.

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atstek - - 1 comments

not bad

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